Gladiolus Food Pantry, Inc.
Nonprofit  Organization
10511 Gladiolus Dr.
Fort  Myers, Fl. 33908
Phone:  239 437 8122
The Gladiolus Food Pantry
began in March, 2013.   
We developed to meet the
needs of the Harlem
Heights Community.   We
are a "choice" pantry,
empowering our families
to choose the foods they
want just like in a grocery  
store setting.
News Press Apr. 4 2014
In 2018 we gave
485,337 pounds of
food. This includes
fresh fruits and
vegetables, meat and
poultry, eggs, dairy,
bakery goods, juices
and canned goods
In 2018 the Gladiolus
Food Pantry had 7,155
family visits which
translates into 23,368
individuals consisting
of 7,622 children,
12,337 adults and
3,409 seniors
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The mission of the Gladiolus Food Pantry is to reduce
hunger by providing healthy, nutritious food for
families in the Harlem Heights and surrounding
communities, treating those who come through our
door with dignity and respect.                
We welcome all and judge no one.
Gladiolus Food Pantry.   10511 Gladiolus Dr. Fort Myers, Fl. 33908
Hours:  Wednesday 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM  &  5:00 PM to 7:00 PM  
The Gladiolus Food Pantry is an equal opportunity provider..
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